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About Us

Prettie Fashion

This business is fashion for all and living in colours. Specialise on the latest and sophisticated styles of handmade crotchet and knitted wear. All products are durable with modern bespoke and elegance to suit people who like to stand out, or like to have that one off item to cherish in their wardrobe. The products are made strong, with love and care.

What we offer

Our products are made with Alpaca, acrylic wool or cotton and mostly in fabulous bold colours. We have; all handmade hats, designed in beanie and berets styles. The products are well made to last, and to show the modern twist and elegance of wool in the quality of handmade, with care. They are beautifully crafted to suit modern day styles.

Who we are

We are fashion designers dealing with handmade products. We have been in business for over 20 years, since the mid nineties. We have been designing bespoke products for our customers through commission and shop sales. With the ever changing business opportunities, we have now decided to bring our latest collections to the world. Most of our products are made from cotton and wool. The business is based in England, and all products are made in the UK. Fashioned with durability with the finest of quality materials available.

We design hats, scarves, jewellery, T-shirts and bags for those who loves to wear them on the go. They are easy to wear, wash and carry in your purse, or for those who just want to keep covered up on the go with beauty and elegance. You may consider looking into our nice pieces in the gallery. They are easy to handle, so when not needed are kept in the purse so you will always have your head or neck piece at hand to warm you up, whenever you need it on usually unexpected weather.

We handle bright and colourful pieces. Our items are individually made by hand and designed to fit most people. The patterns are one offs, and you cannot get the same design again; so they cannot be reproduced and no two items are the same. We have amazing and adorable styles to crave for.

We are always ready to answer any query our customers have. So get in touch.